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OP/TECH USA E-Z Comfort Strap (Black) Good Review

OP/TECH USA E-Z Comfort Strap (Black)

Product Description and Feature

ASIN : B000928KII

The "no frills" approach to a comfortable and functional neck strap is what OP/TECH USA offers in the E-Z Comfort Strap. The slim design and easy-to-use connection system make this a great strap for binoculars and cameras. It combines high quality neoprene, top grade leather and 3/8" (9,5mm) webbing to give you a simple, yet comfortable strap. Getting down to basics without sacrificing quality is what the E-Z Comfort Strap is all about.

  • Streamlined neoprene design fits most camera and binoculars - including those with binocular rainguards
  • Easy to attach and adjust with 3/8" wide webbing
  • No quick disconnects

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OP/TECH USA E-Z Comfort Strap (Black)

OP/TECH USA E-Z Comfort Strap (Black)

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